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Hanko Soul Jazz 2019

Our favourite weekend of the year started with a boom 🔥 Hanko Soul Jazz Weekend is a festival arranged by Jan Simons, Hangon Kulttuuritoimisto and the participating restaurants and bars in Hanko. This years festival (8-11.8.2019) started on Thursday and on stage we had Sami Saari & HSJ Band. The show was fire and our venue was full of happy people, aswell the dancefloor.

On Saturday 11.8.2019 we hosted the second show for the festival. This nights show was "Blues Night Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix etc..." Whoaa, what a party!

Sami Saari
Sami Saari

Varre Vartiainen
Varre Vartiainen

Jan Simons on bass & Mikko "Kobe" Kaakkuriniemi on drums

Sami Saari & HSJ Band
Sami Saari & HSJ Band filled the dancefloor

The video is from our Instagram story. First half from the show with Sami Saari and the second half is from the Blues night "Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix etc..."


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